A two-step approach for company transformation

From the diagnosis to the project


Matrix analysis of the company or of the departments SWOT analysis
1 Processes 1 Stengths, weaknesses and constraints
2 Organization 2 Qualitative analysis of opportunites
Risk assessment Assessment of the scope of change
The outcomes of the pre-study:
  • Sharing findings and recommendations.
  • Identifying potential improvements and evaluating the benefits.
  • Establishing an action plan.


Based on the investigation and on a formal decision taken by the management team, a project is launched. Resultance commits financially to attaining the agreed objectives and its support includes the implementation of the recommended measures.

Project steps
1 Detailed analysis Gaining credibility and establishing collaboration
2 Development and validation of new tools and operating models Adapting to the corporate culture and understanding the work on the field
3 Implementation on the field Transforming operating practices into results
4 Skills transfer and sustainability Ensuring the sustainability of the new operating model

In other words:

  • Ensuring excellent project governance: project management, communication, sponsorship, etc.
  • Developing improvement solutions: optimized processes, simple and pragmatic business tools, adapted organizational structure, etc.
  • Working alongside your teams to implement solutions based on implementation plans.
  • Measuring performance: defining and building management indicators (KPIs).
  • Supporting the implementation of solutions with a participative approach.
  • Insuring sustainability.