Operational Excellence

Our levers for improving your performance

Optimisation des processus graphique

Optimizing processes and activities

Technical review of processes and activities

The technical review focuses on optimizing processes with a goal to improve performance of the associated activities.

Some of the methods we use

Lean, BPM, VSM, Kaizen, SPC, Ishikawa, 6 Sigma, 5S, SMED, TPM, ISO

Gestion capital

Change management - Human capital 

Observing work as it happens  - People Management

In-depth transformation of work habits and practices in a sustainable way requires close support of change management.

Resultance puts this "soft skills" human dimension at the heart of its work on performance improvement. Thanks to our experience, we have thus been able to develop a pragmatic and effective change management method.



Focus on outcomes and organizational responsabilities

Sustainable implementation of new ways of operating and permanent new individual and team work behaviors require: 

  • a factual adaptation of the organization.
  • focus on missions and responsabilities.