Fit 4 Innovation Program: 4 of our clients talk about their experience!

- Publié le 20-07-2018

Launched in 2014, the Fit 4 Innovation programme managed by Luxinnovation enables companies, especially SMEs, to find the resources they need to engage in an innovative way and to optimise their organisation.

Based on three pillars (cost reduction, increased productivity, increased quality), Fit 4 Innovation relies, first and foremost, on a diagnostic phase: a 360-degree analysis of the company and its activities which enables the development of an action plan. Then, the SME can choose to implement the recommendations resulting from this diagnosis, with precise key performance indicators. The company is then guided by consultants, experts in organisational and change management consulting, who are selected and supervised by Luxinnovation.

Companies participating in this programme have seen a significant and measurable improvement in their performance: increased productivity, boost in sales, increased customer satisfaction, increased profits…
Through five concrete examples, you will find testimonials from companies that have gone through this programme and have benefited from it.


Eric Kluckers (Contern): “The perfect tool for any SME looking to reposition itself for the future”


Alain Wildanger (Genista): “An interesting and enriching experience”


Jean-Pierre Thomas (LuxPET): “A day-to-day state of mind”


Pascal Jacquet (Polygone): “Maintaining an edge”