The management team

Olivier Coppieters - Resultance


A specific conception of consulting

Our mission is to improve the operational performance of our clients. We are thus committed through contractual agreements to reaching quantifiable and measurable goals, with results-based fees.

Our teams do not offer conventional or dogmatic solutions. On the contrary, they optimize our clients' working processes while developing and implementing pragmatic, reliable and simple solutions.

Resultance’s strength lies in its ability to complete transformation projects "in cooperation with our clients” by respecting their culture, their constraints and their particularities. We thus constantly strive to achieve sustainable results through mindset change.

Emmanuel Gay - Resultance


Our clients as partners

At Resultance, we believe that each of our clients is unique: they provide us with new challenges, which we want to meet together. In order to better understand our customers' problems, our consultants are present on the field on a daily basis, working closely with the client’s teams. This enables us to define efficient and sustainable solutions in a participatory manner.

We are strongly committed to our customers. This commitment is expressed in our modus operandi, which is based on risk-sharing in order to achieve success together. We show this commitment throughout the project, thanks to our consultants who are actively involved in putting plans into action, in field coaching and in change management.

Sophie Hoste - Resultance


A human-sized firm

Since the creation of Resultance, we have been developing our corporate culture, which is based on simple, unifying values: customer-centric attitude, personal involvement, autonomy and perseverance, team spirit, integrity, humility and fun.

Representing those values, the women and men of Resultance are unique and at the core of our human-sized firm. That is why we strive to combine our company's skills needs with the personal aspirations of our employees. Thus, each staff member manages his/her own professional career and his/her "well-being" balance.

This career path is punctuated by various experiences that are linked to particularly stimulating and diversified projects: a resultant daily rises to the challenge of helping our clients fulfilling their objectives by working with their management teams. Our employees are therefore value creators for our customers, which is a source of recognition and personal development for them.

In order to support this professionalism acknowledged by our customers, we have also developed an active training policy. In this sense, the combination of individual talent with our methodologies and our experience can serve as a springboard for our consultants' career, allowing them to become, within a short while, recognized experts in our clients' and their general management's eyes.

Working at Resultance also means evolving in a friendly environment, where team spirit is boosted. This allows our staff members to give their best in order to provide services to our customers.

We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the skills of Resultance's people and revealing their talents. Day after day, we build a long-lasting collaboration together, developing a young, dynamic and innovative company, which constantly expands its areas of expertise.

Jean-Lou Kremer - Resultance


A European consulting firm with a Luxembourg anchor

Resultance started its first engagements in Luxembourg. Today, we receive recognition throughout the Grand Duchy for being a key player in operational performance improvement. Some of the country's biggest companies trust us, with over 50% of the Top20 Luxembourg employers being our clients.

We also have long-term partnerships with several Luxembourg SMEs, some of which can be described as success stories. Resultance is not only present in the private sector, but also in the public one, cooperating with both the municipalities and the administration.

Thanks to our unique economic model and the results we have achieved in 15 years, we have been able to grow internationally. Indeed, Resultance runs projects in many European countries, which are carried out by our mobile, multicultural and multilingual consultants.

Denis Richelle - Resultance


A continuously growing firm

Founded in 2002 by three associates from the consulting world, Resultance has progressively broadened and reinforced its fields of expertise.

Although our company has originated in the industrial culture, it has been able to adapt its know-how and methodologies to other sectors, such as manufacturing or financial, business and public services. Our clients thus benefit from this experience.

Thanks to our steady and important growth, our team is now composed of more than 80 consultants and partners. Our sophisticated methodology and our staff's experience enable us to run pan-European complex and ambitious transformation projects in multicultural and multilingual environments.

Yves Robert - Resultance


The values that bind our teams together

In our profession, we meet people from all walks of life, who have different ambitions and hierarchical status.

When dealing with companies of all sizes and in all sectors, interpersonal relationships are the key to successful transformation projects.

We want our consultants to be fully aware of this aspect and in this regard, we have established a list of fundamental values to live by when working with our clients:

  • Customer-centric attitude
  • Personal involvement
  • Perseverance
  • Team spirit
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Fun

Through project teams' involvement, overcome difficulties and shared successes, we forge long-lasting relationships with our clients, which are based on mutual trust.