Service delivery in construction SME


Service delivery in construction SME

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  • Initial Status

    • The Service Delivery Department (SDD) has experienced great instability over the past years.
    • The organization is below profitability objectives, due to the lack of stability in its organizational structure.
    • The activity's decision-making process is no longer efficient.
    • The sales department organization turns the sales representatives towards products they mastered the most et the expense of the SDD. They also do not promote the SDD's growth.
    • The KPIs are poorly developed.
    • Preparation of the construction sites is not optimal and causes loss of field teams' efficiency.
    • The existing Enterprise Resource Planning is obsolete, the company is thus looking for a new partner.
    • Due to the upcoming retirement of the company's founder, a common strategy needs to be redefined and shared to insure the firm's future.
  • Project objectives

    • Increasing the SDD efficiency by 10% (+450k€ annual gross margin).
    • Fostering the business development.
    • Setting up a monitoring system for the profitability of the construction sites.
    • Creating and setting up steering tools.
    • Helping towards the choice of a new ERP.
    • Launching the innovation process and fostering the strategic plan.
  • Actions taken

    Completion of 6 workstreams to achieve the project objectives

    A – Efficiency: Lean SDD construction site: planning, works preparation and follow-up, continuous improvement (PDCA).

    B – Business development support: defining a trade policy, reviewing organization and sales representatives’ remuneration policy, increasing synergy between commercial delegates and project managers.

    C – Issuing SDD cost prices: drawing up a cost accounting plan, defining the distribution of the fixed/variable and direct/indirect costs, reporting tool and process.

    D – Setting up S&OP/MPS processes.

    E – Helping towards the choice of a new ERP.

    F – Initiating an innovation process and fostering the strategic plan: insuring the development and sustainability of the business, and a smooth transition.

Gains obtenus

Quantitative gains

  • An increase of 450k€ in the annual gross margin (those results were obtained sooner than expected: by the end of the project, a profit of 830k€ had been made, that is 230k€ more than the expected 600k€).

Qualitative gains

  • Effective implementation of steering tools, thus fostering commercial and operational decision-making.
  • Professionalization of the control framework.
  • Stabilization of the organization through the establishment of the new job position of site manager, thus enhancing performance.